Sustainable transformations begin with a vision that guides actions in a focused and determined way. A clear vision is like a compass: it gives a direction, a goal, a purpose.


Whether we work individually or as a team, trust is a key ingredient of success.
Confidence in our abilities as leaders, confidence in our colleagues and our team.


Measuring progress is critical to making informed decisions and moving toward our goals. It is about assessing where we are and establishing a baseline to track our transformation process.

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We help clients develop leadership beyond borders

Leadership Programs

Growing the people in your organization and help them expand their skills, take ownership of their work and become better leaders.

Individual Coaching

Developing the skills and talents of employees and managers so that they can work and lead with more confidence and effectiveness.

Soft Skills Training

Providing a toolbox that will allow your employees to better manage their work and their professional relationships.

Team Coaching

Aligning teams around a common vision, shared goals and joint responsibility to increase their effectiveness, cooperation and cohesion.


Helping groups identify and achieve common goals through inclusion and collective intelligence.

Soft Skills Training

Improving your teams ability to cooperate and communicate for increased effectiveness and collective well-being.

Innovative Blend

Combining human and digital chatbot coaching for continuous, team-specific development based on cognitive science research.

Team Programs

Engaging teams in common development paths focused on holistic development and joint accountability.

Progress Assessment

Measuring team development progress on qualitative and quantitative scales.

Professional vision

Developing a clear vision of your professional development to feel aligned, self-confident, and make the right moves.

Competence Assessment

Mapping and refining personal and professional skills to identify strengths and areas for development.

Interview Preparation

Developing a compelling and coherent narrative, understanding the job interview approach, and rehearsing in a safe space.

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We help clients thrive in complex environments.

"Viviana is a perfectly multicultural and multilingual citizen of Europe, who understands and finds her way easily through different cultures. She possesses a high emotional intelligence which she uses to effortlessly identify and analyse motives and blockages of other people and to help a group understand how to achieve better collective performance."

Christopher K.
Board Member, environmental finance sector

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