Hybrid work that works

Empowering hybrid teams


Hybrid and remote working has been part of our daily lives for some time. Global teams work remotely by default, and a mixed approach of in-office teams and teams working from home has become the new normal.

Yet, when not developed and managed properly, these operating arrangements can impede the fluidity of relationships between employees and between teams.

Employee disengagement, work overload, lack of coordination, loss of organizational culture, deterioration of communication and bonding between employees are all challenges that teams and organizations regularly face in hybrid and remote work settings. To overcome these challenges, they must

  • Strengthen their leaders’ team management skills
  • Establish new routines, processes and work rituals
  • Activate shared responsibility for team collaboration
  • Last but not least, make it fun.


Fields and topics we cover in our programs include team effectiveness and remote work, cooperation and team spirit. Artificial Intelligence allows us to optimally combine digital and human coaching to ensure the development of team cohesion and cooperation in a fun and ongoing way.



We blend human and digital coaching in an innovative approach based on cognitive science research. Our programs provide ongoing, team-focused coaching with TeamGether - the first digital chatbot coach. In parallel, teams receive coaching at specific stages with a human coach.

Sustaining your hybrid teams

Our team effectiveness programs benefit from a structured yet tailor-made approach to meet your needs.

An example of a coaching journey?

  • Assess needs and set goals with the manager and team
  • Design the team’s collective effectiveness mapping.
  • Continuous collective and individual digital coaching – 12 weeks
  • Two milestone team workshops with a coach and facilitator
  • Coaching evaluation report.

Our blended programs allow teams to integrate autonomously coaching approaches in their daily work.

Goals and team mapping

Setting agreed-upon goals within the team and reviewing the strengths and growth areas of the team dynamic strengthens the foundation for success.

Chatbot and human coaching

The combination of human coaching and a digital chatbot allows the creation of specific development programs. This is done through a wide variety of resources and pathways based on cognitive science research and adaptable to the needs and desires of each team.

Measuring impact

Our tools measure team development progress on both qualitative and quantitative scales, providing a basis for examining team dynamics and encouraging ongoing development.

What needs have your teams?

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